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         My name is Mikhail Mazel.
         I was born in Moscow (capital of Russia) on April 7, 1967. I finished Moscow high school specialized in Mathematics. I entered and graduated from a technological university. After that, I worked as a programming engineer. Since April, 1997, I live in New York.
         I like classical music. I like Russian rock-group "Time Machine" (which was founded in 1968). I also like bard music (when poet, composer and singer are combined in one person).
         Since 1987, I write my own poems and stories (in Russian). I'm vice president of Russian Writers Club of New York.
         I like trips. I liked travel by train, or canoe trips along beautiful Russian rivers. Speaking otherwise, I’m romantic.
         I have built my own virtual word - Russian server "Place for Meeting" (or Blue Mountains). My first site is called "Romantic Island" and I published my Poetry on it. My projects are connected with Russian language. If you know Russian, You can read my poems and stories. I prepared pages about Russians actors, poets, singers, writers, artists, and sportsman… You can also see photographs which I made. They speakinternational language.
         On this page, I want to show You pictures of New York parks, flowers and streets. Also You can, using some of these pictures, send Greeting Card to Your friends or relatives
         I'll glad to receive yours' letters. Write me if you whish or found that interesting ;-)
         Sincerely Yours. Mikhail

You can read more about me and my hobbies, but only in Russian. [CLIK]

Подробнее обо мне и моих проетах можно прочитать на моей
основной страничке и в разделе "Остров Романтики" [CLIK]
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